About Me



My name is Dina. I am an art dealer and my blog is about my art travels! Welcome to my escapades!

The Artinerary is my take on my art travels. 

My wanderlust has finally found a path. Although I will always continue to love lazy, long beach vacations with nothing to do and nowhere to go except into and out of the sea, with the sun, sand, and frozen margaritas as my only pastime, traveling to Contemporary art fairs has become part hobby part work for me. 

I am an art dealer/buyer and so I travel to many art fairs all over, looking for artworks for my clients, but mostly in the pursuit of truly enjoying art, wanting to look at it, be around it, and just immerse myself in the world of creativity, imagination, and color (having an artistic mom probably was the cause of all this!)

I must stress that my blog does not offer an expert opinion on art, artworks, artists, galleries, or art fairs! It is only a recount of my journey to discover what is out there and maybe get you art enthusiasts interested in adding a bit of art to your travel itineraries.

I will share with you what I see and experience, but beware, as you might suffer from an overdose of positivity, and an abundance of optimistic remarks about everything I encounter. My friends always sweetly and lovingly accuse me (and rightly so) of saying “the best in the world” or the “coolest, most beautiful, most exciting (...) in the world” about everything I come across. But in my defense, that truly is how I feel at that moment; i.e., I don’t make it up, but rather genuinely feel immense joy and pleasure in most of what I do, see, and experience.

So, if you are interested in finding out what was not great, which art fair failed expectations, or who did poorly this year, this is not the place for you. 

My posts will be about artworks I like, galleries I enjoy dealing with, some highlights of the fairs, and a bit about where to stay, where to dine, and some fun things to do besides art. I am a total Airbnb fan, but I will also recommend small, artsy boutique hotels that I sometimes stay at.

So welcome to my art world! I hope that reading this will be as useful as it is enjoyable.