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Barcelona Gallery Weekend

Barcelona Gallery Weekend

Barcelona Gallery Weekend - BGW

And what an art filled weekend at that!

So happy to have made it to the Barcelona Gallery weekend - even if only for 2 of the 4 days, as I had a pit stop in Bodrum, Turkey, to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday after the CI fair. But I did make it for those lovely art filled 2 days, and I enjoyed every minute.

There were 28 participating galleries all around the city, and although I only managed to visit 12 of them, the tours and programs of the Barcelona Gallery Weekend were so cleverly organized and spread out that I not only got to see great art but a lot of the city as well!

And what a city! Although it was not my first time in Barcelona, I have to say that visiting the city as a tourist is quite different than visiting it as an art lover. Not only because one spends more time visiting galleries than one does hanging out around some monument or at the beach (although personally I always try to figure out a way to do both), but also because one gets to see different parts of the city, and somehow gets more of an insider, in-depth look at the city, and a real feel of the local vibe.

I found those short two days to be a very unique and authentic experience that left me with a new impression of Barcelona.

On my way from the airport, I decided to make my first stop at the neighborhood of Santa Eulalia in Hospitalet, and started my art tour at the cool industrial complex that houses the Ana Mas Projects and Trama 34’s artists residencies.

Courtesy of BGW, I stayed at the lovely Yurbban hotel in Trafalgar street. Loved the hotel, the whole street (fab location) and especially the view from the rooftop bar/swimming pool! 360 degrees of Barcelona!! Stunning.

Luckily, one of my favorite galleries, Galeria Senda, was literally right next door, and so I started my tour there. they were showing the works of Yago Hortal.

I then visited their smaller space Lab 36 and went on to Arte Aurora Galeria which were both in the same building.

I then walked further down the street to Bombon where I admired the works of Pure Llobera, and had a lovely chat with artist/gallery director Bernat Daviu, whose own artistic performance I watched, and enjoyed, that night at the Little Beach House Barcelona

I then did the tour of the next adjacent galleries, in a different neighborhood, starting with PROJECTESD Art Contemporani, who were showing one work! La Peste, by Dora Garcia. Super interesting and moving work. Do check out their website for more details on the show. I then visited Galeria Estrany-de la Mota and took a peak at the duo exhibition of Ignasi Aballi and Oriol Vilanova. then it was onto Galeria Marc Domenech - GMD for the solo of Vicenc Viaplana, where I enjoyed the tranquility of art and colors, only to be woken back into reality by the harshly strong and realistic photographs of Eduardo Marco at Galeria Zielinsky!! The contrast was shocking; sort of a rude awakening, which reminded me of what I love most about art - contrast, extremes, shock, and the ability to transform you from a dreamy romantic world to a brutal reality in seconds.

A bit further away, I enjoyed my stroll and ultimately my visit to Galeria N2, and the vibrant, intricate yellow ‘Hecomi & City Study’ sculptures of Ken’ichiro Taniguchi were fun to closely examine and discuss.

I then took a much longer walk to a more industrial but hip part of town, and was lucky enough to catch the next gallery on their lunch break, as that made me discover the most delish and happening brunch place ever! Can Dende! I will let the pics below do the talking.

And after my huge meal I somehow managed to drag myself back to L&B Gallery, and boy am I happy I did! Loved their current exhibition of Pietro Capogrosso dreamy works, but was also super impressed with the works of their other artists upstairs!

A nice surprise was the SWAB Barcelona art fair being held at the same weekend, and for me the plus of that was checking out one of my other favorite Barcelona galleries, Victor Lope Arte Contemporaneo, which did not take part in BGW this year but was at the fair instead.

So all in all, I had a great time in Barcelona and got to see some amazing diversity of art. Loved it and will definitely do it again next year.

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